Tell Me No

I keep trying to push my words into you   /   even now
I am writing you this poem 
as if it might fill you up with something
I can really sink my teeth into. 

I am writing you this poem,
even if you never asked for it.
Even though I know you
won't understand it.  
It feels so good anyway     /     and besides,
I don't know what else to do. 

And besides, I like to see you   /   take the bait. 
I like to see you hoping.

I hope one day you will understand the feeling 
of being lost inside yourself    /   though I know you will not.   
You are not one to turn your head away 
from something you want. 
And why should you?   Although it can be
equally delicious    /      Here, I'll show you.

We stare at each other from across the street,
waiting for the light to change,

your breath unfurling in slow motion. 

I wonder how you hope this will unfold.  Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
Tell me no    /   despite your spreading pupils  
and the skip of your pulse    /    but I know you.
The truth is:    we are as haunting
as we are haunted.

And it won't stop.
I will wait until it is late and you are most tired. 
I will whisper something heady into your neck.  I will
linger on you    /    until something interesting happens.

You are thinking:    this is a bad plan.
But everything is a bad plan when you are impatient.
You cannot block someone's path 
towards what they want most.  Well, 
you can try    /     but it doesn't do any good.     
You should know.

Really, this is my last attempt.  
I looked over my shoulder to make sure you were watching.
I wrote you this love poem.   I stood between two mirrors, 
reflected infinitely    /    I fogged up the glass
and traced your name in cursive.
I painted a self-portrait     /    and for once
I was so angelic.
Beautiful, even.

19 thoughts on “Tell Me No

  1. Sometimes we dance by ourselves in the dark waiting to be fulfilled. In those moments we are sure fate has ignored our perfect plans. If you are patient your heart will swirl in the wind and the one destined to feel your love will be waiting. Your poem shows your agony and your talent. Soon you may see this relationship is but a stepping stone to a far greater love, a love that will inspire and flame eternally.

  2. very very nice; flowing nicely my eyes drawn down and down the page with little effort to continue, drawn down a slight incline, easy effort against gravity, different visions, changing thoughts, perspectives, some mystery, intellect returning circular, returning circular visions, sharp and clear, emotions real so uncontrived, yet, apart, objective, the feminine mystique, spoken with clarity; proud feminism (did you know?), unchanged by outside forces, moving forward through time, priorities set, known, instinct for deeper sight, the light that stares back for us to see if we are able; the light we see but through a lens darkly pursued, catching glimpses, seeking seeing clarity reaching for the moment that makes it all true …. words you’ve inspired that i write … it’s not me … it was you … ks

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